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    black kids straight up getting killed for being black and white people have the gall to be offended over jokes about them not being able to handle spice and call it “”“racism”“”

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    Nicolas Demeersman aka Pretty Punk (b. 1978, Seclin) Worldwide ongoing Fucking Tourist series 2009-2014 Captures The Resentment Of Locals With A Simple Gesture. (Info with each pic)

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    Interpals scum round up

    If people wonder why i’m skeptical of people who “love Asian culture / music / celebrities” (aside from the fact that “Asian” is a big fucking umbrella term), well this is why.

    White people aren’t complex creatures.

    Liking of Korean media by white people is rarely unaccompanied by pandering, fetishization and this gross attitude of treating us like your “oppas”; paid slaves.

    So in consclusion:


    A: No. Not always.

    But probably.

    (Alternatively this post can be titled “Why Jun will never date white, be friends with, or affiliate with your average common lesser pale bellied white people”)

    "I’m a weaboo and proud" gross. This is also why I don’t use interpals anymore, half the people on there are asiaphiles, other half are perverted old men

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    Anonymous asked: thoughts on white people comparing mike brown and Dillon Taylor to talk about how no one cares because he's white? that there's no "riots" or constant media coverage? I think it's ridiculous and I do feel horrible about what happened, but white people using this for their "we are not racist, the black thugs are" and "the media is biased against us!!!" agenda is ridiculous. Curious on your analysis of this



    They do that shit without thought, without critical thinking. It’s unfortunate but there isn’t an epidemic or history of young white men being gunned down by black police officers due to racial tensions or racial stereotypes. The killing of Dillon Taylor by a black police officer was an isolated case, he will not be labelled a thug, deserving of death, ‘no angel’ etc. while the killing of Michael Brown is apart of a disturbing pattern that has historical roots, a symptom in this disease called racism. The two incidents are not comparable other than the fact that they were killed by an officer. Simple.


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    when you type your password in thinking its wrong but turns out to be correct


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Sky High
Barbara Dziadosz


    Sky High

    Barbara Dziadosz


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    this assumption that muslim women who wear the niqab/burqa need to be saved is so fucking idiotic like…. y’all can support pro-choice anything but once a woman chooses to cover herself in an islamic garment y’all think it’s the result of a man holding her at gun point like FUCK outta here w your white saviour garbage 

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"If the Doctor is still the Doctor, he will always have my back."

    "If the Doctor is still the Doctor, he will always have my back."

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Pour it up pour it up.

I want that mug.


    Pour it up pour it up.

    I want that mug.

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    Do not allow people to mispronounce your name.

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    Kanye is the realest

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